The Club

Our Club was founded in 1978 and is very proud of its achievements since then. The airfield is leased from Gosford City Council, part of the conditions of the lease stipulate that no aero towing is to be done from this site.

How to Find us


    Bloodtree Road
    Mangrove Mountain
    off George Downes Drive

From Central Coast

    Take the Wiseman's Ferry Rd from the freeway towards Central Mangrove turn right at crossroads onto George Downes Drive towards Kulnura, then left at Bloodtree Rd.

From Sydney

    Take the M1 Motorway (F3) freeway north from Hornsby take the Peats Ridge Calga exit. At Peats Ridge turn left towards Central Mangrove, then follow this road through Central Mangrove, turn left into Bloodtree Rd, club entrance 2km from turn off.


The club provides training from ab initio level in our three twin seat training gliders. We have six fully qualified GFA Level 2 instructors and one GFA Level 3 instructor in the club.

Instruction is free with all the instructors providing their time and services voluntarily.

To commence learning to fly a sailplane in Australia you must:

a) Join an Australian gliding club which is authorised to provide training.

b) Join the GFA (Gliding Federation of Australia).

c) Medical Requirements: Be physically fit to a similar level for driving a motor vehicle. Once qualified, if you wish to take passengers or become an instructor you will need a medical examination (either a CASA medical or an official drivers licence medical from a doctor). If you have any health issues which may affect your ability to fly, the club may request that you obtain a medical certificate.

What Members Do

Members are expected to arrive at about 9:00am on flying days, to assist in preparing aircraft for flying, laying out the winch rope and getting ground equipment ready. Weather permitting flying will commence as soon as aircraft and equipment are ready and will normally continue throughout the day finishing before sunset. Members are expected to help by manning ground equipment, towing gliders to the launch point, signaling for launches and assisting in moving aircraft onto the launch grid.

Pilots take turns at flying in the Club gliders and when it is your turn other Club members will help you get launched.

The CCSC is very safety orientated with flying operations capably conducted under the guidance of experienced instructors and ground operations and procedures subject to safety audit accreditation principles