On Field and Variable Payments

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This is for Ad Hoc payments or Payments when at the Airfield.

    - NOT vouchers


This system uses Paypal. Credit cards are accepted.


If you do not have or want to use Paypal, then

Select the option for "Checkout as Guest" or "Pay With Card"

to use your Credit card.






At the Airfield -  Pay for a Single Flight:  $135

Winch Launched (Exciting) - ONE Flight .

Flight time Up to 15 minutes but often less ( 5 minutes)




At Airfield One Flight $135



Winch Launched





At the Airfield - Pay for a Double Flight: $160


Winch Launched (Exciting) - TWO Flights

Flight time Up to 15 minutes each but often less ( 5 minutes)

..  or a single flight greater than 15 minutes  to 30 minutes




At Airfield Two Flights $160




Winch Launched





At the Airfield - Pay for an Extended SLG Flight: $350


Self Launching Glider

Flight Time 45 minutes to 1 hr, 7000 ft altitude flight over the coast if weather permits





At Airfield SLG Flight $350




Self Launching Glider






Variable Amount (type in the amount to Pay).


This can be used for ad hoc and club account payments);

(Note: Add  5% to the amount entered because a 5% transaction charge is required)



Variable Amount Payment



Non standard payments

Add $5  per $100 for transaction charges





ADDITIONAL FLIGHTS Not Covered by a Voucher


This may be used where a person has used their voucher and wants an additional flight either on the day they have their first AEF, or within the 30 days of Temporary club membership.  Temporary members are charged in multiples of 15 minutes, set automatically in the charging options for the Paypal payment.


The charge is the same as a club member for a short flight $30 (plus $6 for our daily levy for the first flight plus a $3 transaction charge).


SELECT THE Flight Charges Option from the drop down list  BEFORE Activating the button


If more than one flight, you can select the number of flights or time of the flight(s) purchased in the Paypal details drop list and it will set the charges for the flights.




ADDITIONAL FLIGHTS Not Covered by a Voucher

$33 per flight or per 15 minutes plus $6 daily levy


Flight Charges


Note: This is a standard charge which already includes an allowance for processing and transaction charges.




Thermal Mangrove-SLG Coast


Thermalling a glider at Mangrove Mountain at 5000 ft            Gliding Over the Coast in the Self Launching Glider