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      Club 12 months membership

      Adult            $360.00
      Family           $180.00
      Student under 25 $180.00
      Associate        $150.00   (Full member of another club, qualified glider pilots) 

    GFA Membership 12 months

      Adult   $320 ** See GFA website
      Student $166 ** See GFA website

      Go to the GFA Website for updated prices and further information:

      --> Gliding Australia

    Club Member Flight Charges

    Launch Fee is $30.00. Full time students $24.00 per launch
    Flight Charges : $60 per Hour (charged per minute). Full time students under 25 : $48 per hour (charged per minute).
    . . . .(The first 15 minutes of each flight is FREE)
    Airfield levy $6.00 per day.

    Flight INSTRUCTION IS FREE to members by our highly qualified and experienced volunteer instructors.