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NOTICE: Redeeming Vouchers.

Regular flying operations may be limited at times due to limited availability of instructors.

Note: Maximum weight for a person in any glider is 110Kg. Combined weight of passenger and pilot can not exceed 184Kg. If you are over 95Kg you will need ensure one of our lighter instructors is available to fly with you.

Vouchers can be redeemed on any day that the club flies. The club usually operates on Thursdays and weekends. However, please note that flying operations are dependant on weather and availability of club members to instruct, operate the winch for launching and the operations base for control of launches. Usually, we will make a decision one or two days before a scheduled flying day as to whether we will fly or not. Please contact the CFI or club Secretary, or club house phone to check whether we are flying on any particular day.

Purchasing your Air Experience Flight

When you purchase the voucher below, please include your name and contact details, and the name of the passenger in the additional text section.

We will then Email your voucher to the email address you specify in the transaction details. The transaction receipt number on your voucher is used to redeem the flight so bring a copy of this, either printed or on your mobile or tablet when you come to fly.

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*** If you purchase the AEF Voucher online you should include the passengers name and your mobile phone number in the checkout notes in the PayPal screen. We will then email your voucher to you. A printed copy or digital copy on your mobile or tablet can be used to redeem the flight.

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To Pay for a Winch Launch Air Experience Flight On The MANGROVE MOUNTAIN Airfield:



SPECIAL SINGLE Air Experience Flight 25th August 2019 ONLY: single flight only!

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If you require further information, please call Julio on

0431 113 960 ( Club Secretary)

or Graeme on

0414 635 9047 ( Club CFI)

An Air Experience Flight

It's a real experience...

Your AEF will introduce you to thrills of a winch launched glider for just $140.

Releasing off the cable at around 1500ft above the airstrip, you will experience the true freedom that comes from the sport of gliding as you ride the rising columns of air that keep the glider aloft.

Take in the sights and feelings of what it is like to soar in the sky before touching down at the Mangrove Mountain strip ... and ...

YES, our AEF instructor will let you handle the controls - if you want to - a perfect introduction to learning to fly if that is what you are interested in doing.